QB Rankings

  1. Allen
    Allen had a terrific year last year- truly a breakout season. There is no reason why he won’t continue to dominate the NFL as a great passer and a tough runner.
  2. R. Wilson
    Wilson is just a polished QB that always performs. With a new offensive coordinator that knows how to make an o-line work, Wilson will go off.
  3. Jackson
    Obviously a fantasy goldmine, the only problem here is Roman and his QB coach. He doesn’t seem to be developing as well as he should be. With that being said, their interior o-line is better than it was last year, meaning their offensive style can revert a bit to what it was in 2019. And that has Lamar putting up numbers.
  4. Mahomes
    Need I say anything?
  5. Herbert
    One of the few remaining QB’s still on the board that is dynamic, explosive, and STILL developing. Plus, he got a new and improved offensive line.
  6. Rodgers
    Rodgers is back, their o-line looks good, and their WR corps got better. He’s gonna have a great year.
  7. Dak
    I’m not his biggest fan, but I can’t deny the facts. He seems to put up big numbers. Potential downside this year is an improved defense requiring a less pass-heavy offense. Also, inflammation in the shoulder can be catastrophically-nagging.
  8. Murray
    Murray is a lot higher on most lists, but I just don’t see him coming through like that.
  9. Burrow
    He’s struggling now, but he’ll get things back on track and be much more consistent in year 2 of this offense. Plus, that WR corp is monstrous.
  10. Hurts
    Unfortunately, Hurts is in Philly behind an injury-prone o-line and part of an historically-shaky organization. Translation: he won’t be able to fully utilize is athleticism week-in, week-out.
  11. Tannehill
    He is part of an offense run by the run, but last year he showed that he has some fantasy value. Also, Julio.
  12. Wentz
    Putting him behind a dominant o-line should help him out. Don’t forget he is also an athlete. He may not be available week 1, but he should come back strong.
  13. Lance
    While not the most pro-ready QB drafted this year, he entered the offense most-primed for his success. He should have average throwing numbers and some opportunities to run it into the endzone himself. Shanahan has declined to call him the starter, but I and many others think that is just a ploy. However, if you are still looking for your QB1 here, you may want to go with 14, 15, or 16 on this list.
  14. Stafford
    I cannot wait to see Stafford aligned with a good coaching staff and roster. He has playmakers around him and can put up top numbers for a pocket passer.
  15. Ryan
    Ryan is getting older and lost Julio. Although he has Ridley, Pitts, and Hurst (along with some receivers that showed flashes last year), I am hesitant to count on his production. Also, word is his new HC likes to run the ball- and Mike Davis can run the ball.
  16. D. Jones
    Jones has good mobility and good talent, and their offensive line should come together a bit more this season. Also, this year he comes back rested and healthy, same as Saquan, and gets some new weapons.
  17. Darnold
    Darnold has a lot of talent, but never got any help. Now he is reunited with Robby Anderson and has a great RB in CMC. Darnold has a lot of upside this year.
  18. Mayfield
    Baker is aight- this year could be the year he takes that next step and is fantasy-worthy.
  19. Lawrence
    There’s a reason why he was #1 overall, and he has some pieces in that offense. If you want a QB2 that has a lot of upside, he’s your man.
  20. Z. Wilson
    Wilson has so much talent- but he’s in his first year with an o-line that is better suited to running the football. I would take him over guys that have been in the league and don’t have his upside, but there’s a reason why he is 20 on this list.
  21. Goff
    Yes, Jared Goff. He is going to be playing behind a spectacular offensive line with a great TE and WRs that can stretch the field. Like others in this section of the list, he has some upside. A potential problem to look out for is Anthony Lynn, his OC, calling the wrong offense for this roster.

Other Notables:

Tua Tagovailoa, Jameis Winston