Eagles-Saints Trade | Changing Of NFC Guard? | Details And Analysis

A big trade just went down: the Eagles have traded with the Saints, swapping the 16th and 19th pick in this years draft for the Saints 18th, 101st, a first-round pick in 2023 and a second-round pick in 2024. The two teams have also swapped some late-round picks, all of which was reported by Adam Schefter. Unlike some moves that perplex the NFL world, this one makes a lot of sense.

The Eagles Trade With Patience

The Eagles will now hold two first-round picks in the 2022 draft, number 15 and number 18. This leaves them largely in the same spot as they were before the trade, minus one pick. However, it is likely that the Eagles would’ve traded out of that pick anyway.

The Eagles need a WR and help in the front 7, and picking in the middle of the first round allows them to do that. Specifically, it is likely that Jameson Williams and Jermaine Johnson will fall to the mid and late teens, both of whom are perfect fits for this team. However, it is unlikely that one of the top two LB’s (Nakobe Dean and Devin Lloyd) would fall to 15, which means that they would have no particular need to fill with their third first-round pick. Of course, they could have used it anyway, and there are worse situations to be in, but trading out made sense. Now they have done that, perhaps jumping the gun on how the first 14 picks will play but setting themselves up nicely in drafts to come.

The Saints Trade With Urgency

The Saints believe that they are close to a Super Bowl roster, and they may be right. They have a LOT of remaining talent on defense and some pieces throughout their offensive-line and offensive skill positions. They must feel that they can complete their roster in this draft, perhaps going with a WR and a T. It is a possibility that one of the top three Tackles fall to them at 16, with a lot of teams having already addressed the position in free agency. After that, it is almost a certainty that a top 5 WR will be available at 19, allowing them to fill out their offense and go compete for a ring. In fact, the genius or obscenity of this move will depend on how close they come to being 2022 league champions.

Eagles-Saints Trade Indicative Of Turning Tide In NFC

It seems that this trade may be the last chapter in the story of changing reigns in the NFC. The Saints have been dominant for years with Sean Payton and Drew Brees at the helm. Now, they are left with the remnants of that era and are hoping to capitalize before the deterioration gets any more devastating. The Eagles, on the other hand, who have been up and down for many years, seem to finally be getting themselves into shape as perennial contenders. Though they have a concerning amount of old talent on their roster they have a lot of young pieces and many incoming draft picks to boot. The big talk of the offseason may have been the migration of talent from the NFC to the AFC, but this is a hidden storyline that is just as fun to follow.

For Those Looking To Bet On The NFC

For those of you looking to bet on the NFC, both the Eagles and the Saints are great sleeper-picks to win the division. The Saints (+500) main competition is the Buccs, who have their fair share of struggles with their defense. The Eagles (+310) main competition is probably themselves, as the Cowboys had a poor offseason and nobody else in the division has a roster that inspires confidence.