WR Rankings

  1. Ridley
    Although he is no longer a WR2, he has technically been a WR1 for a while (Julio is injury prone). He should have another great year.
  2. Diggs
    There is nothing stopping Diggs from picking up where he left off last year.
  3. Hopkins
    Hopkins is always a top WR.
  4. Hill
    Hill consistently puts up numbers.
  5. Adams
    Adams is a beast.
  6. J. Jefferson
    A WR that can stretch the field. He was a beast as a rookie and he’ll continue to grow.
  7. Allen
    Allen should benefit from Herbert taking the next step.
  8. Metcalf
    We all know the deal here- a great WR with a great QB that sometimes just doesn’t put up numbers. But he does most of the time- and when he does, oh boy.
  9. A.J. Brown
    A beast of a WR in a run-first offense. He can put up numbers, but definitely fits into the bottom of the WR1 tier.
  10. McLaurin
    McLaurin has come on strong since joining the league. This year they’ll finally have their offense figured out.
  11. Kupp
    Kupp will be the main one to benefit from the Stafford addition. He’s an excellent route runner, and this year will be his time to shine.
  12. Evans
    Although he is in a loaded offense that could put up big numbers without him, Evans is fantastic. Also, Brady loves throwing him touchdowns. This translates to his floor ADP being that of a WR2.
  13. Woods
    Woods is always a super-underrated WR. Now he has a great QB. You might be able to watch him fall a bit, but that’s a risk you’ll have to be comfortable taking.
  14. Thielen
    A touchdown machine in the Vikings offense, Thielen is a great WR.
  15. Julio Jones
    Jones found a new home and will give defenses a new nightmare.
  16. D. Smith
    Smith obviously has a lot of talent, and I think he is exactly the player that the Eagles needed. He should have a great season.
  17. Godwin
    I don’t like the Buccs offense when it comes to fantasy, but Godwin is just built different. Different enough to be a this high on the list as a WR2 on his team.
  18. OBJ
    We saw the Browns get creative with giving him the ball last year. We may see even more of that this year.
  19. A. Robinson
    Robinson has the talent to be a fantasy WR2, but his team weighs him down. A LOT. I had to put him on this list, but I would recommend letting someone else take him.
  20. Lamb
    Lamb is a beast- look for him to get better this year. [Hopefully Dak stays healthy].
  21. Lockett
    I don’t like Lockett that much for fantasy, but he has his weeks.
  22. Cooper
    Cooper is ranked so low only because he is on the Cowboys. They always find a way to be dysfunctional. Also, they have TONS of weapons (see #20 on this list).
  23. T. Higgins
    Higgins showed out last year and he has a lot of room to grow.
  24. C. Samuel
    Samuel really stepped up last season, and now he is a much-needed WR2 for the WFT. They could get creative with him or just use him as a WR2. Either way, big numbers will be put up.
  25. Shenault
    Shenault is a great WR that will be able to build on his rookie campaign with a good QB throwing him the football. Honestly, if you wanted to take him within the top 20 wr’s, I wouldn’t bat an eye. You may even be able to sleep on him a bit.
  26. Chase
    I love the Bengals passing offense, and Chase has a ton of talent. Plus, he already has chemistry with Burrow. I think he will get himself together and be another rookie that goes off.
  27. Waddle
    Waddle is the perfect fit for the Dolphins, and they will utilize him a LOT. Think of Antonio Brown in his prime.
  28. Boyd
    Yes, I have a third WR from the Bengals offense listed this high. Boyd has been a quiet beast for two years.
  29. Pittman
    Pittman played well last year, and the Colts would like him to be an even better WR2 this year (WR1 while Hilton is out).
  30. Parker
    Parker has injury problems but is a great WR when he is on the field.
  31. Golladay
    Like Parker, Golladay would be ranked higher if it weren’t for injury problems.
  32. Juju
    Juju won’t consistently put up numbers, but he’ll put up numbers.
  33. Aiyuk
    Lance will love Aiyuk off of his rollouts.
  34. Anderson
    Anderson can really stretch the field and runs some great routes, and Darnold already knows him. He probably will rank higher than 34 by the end of the year, but other WR’s just have more upside and surety in their numbers.
  35. Crowder
    Crowder is always underrated and always puts up numbers. Zach Wilson will love him.
  36. Chark
    Chark should get some opportunities with Lawrence as QB.
  37. D. Samuel
    Samuel is extremely talented. It will be interesting to see what Shanahan will dial up for him.
  38. D. Johnson
    Johnson should take another step this year. The only problem is that Big Ben is the one throwing him the football.
  39. C. Davis
    Davis is a great WR, and he will have a great time with the Jets.
  40. D.J Moore
    The Panthers have a lot of places to put the football, and Moore is one of them.
  41. Emmanuel Sanders
    Sanders is a great WR2 that may have found a more permanent home. Allen will love throwing him the football.
  42. Landry
    Landry is great, but he doesn’t get utilized much when the team is healthy. He is worth stacking on your bench though.
  43. Sutton
    This is a bit late for a WR1 with this much talent, but I’m not sold on the Broncos passing game
  44. Jeudy
    Jeudy is a great route runner and will be helped by being the WR2 this year.
  45. P. Campbell
    Campbell is said to be looking very good in training camp- maybe he is finally measuring up to where he was drafted. It may be worth taking a flyer on him as your flex option.
  46. Hardman
    Hardman now officially fills the WR2 slot for the Chiefs, and he has hella speed. The Chiefs are going to have him take a bigger role in their offense this year, especially since they can be creative with him.
  47. H. Brown
    Brown is an an uneasy fantasy offense, but his upside is there.
  48. Agholor
    It never hurts to take a flyer on a speedy WR. Especially one on a team devoid of other talent at the position.
  49. B. Edwards
    I keep hearing his name as someone to look out for. He is slated to fill the WR2 spot for the Raiders, and if he really does have the talent they say he does, he’ll have his weeks.
  50. Claypool
    Claypool was great as a rookie- the only problem is here that is Big Ben is the one throwing him the football. Sound familiar?
  51. Gage
    Gage is the de facto WR2 for the Falcons, but he hasn’t proved he can be that guy yet. Also, they now have a RB and two TEs, all of which will cut into his touches.
  52. Hilton
    Many people thought Hilton was done last year, and others bet on him to pull through. He ended up finding his rhythm late in the season, and the Colts will need him to do that again this year. Unfortunately, he is now dealing with an injury, moving him down this list.
  53. Toney
    Toney is a rookie WR that joins an already full WR room, but there is a reason that he went in the first round.
  54. Reagor
    Reagor will likely be the WR2 for the Eagles, meaning that he’ll have some value depending on matchups.
  55. Gallup
    Gallup is a great WR that ends up just being used a downfield threat. Sometimes that fits right into what the Cowboys are doing that week.
  56. M. Thomas
    A great WR that will likely miss at least half of the season.
  57. MVS
    If MVS can catch the ball he will inconsistently put up big numbers- Rodgers loves to stretch the field.
  58. T. Marshall
    I love Marshall, and so will Darnold. He reminds me of Mike Evans.
  59. Lazard
    Lazard is yet to take the necessary step to be a WR2, but hopefully he will this year.
  60. Ruggs
    A great deep threat, Ruggs has potential. Unfortunately, he has more potential as a WR than the Raiders do as a team (this year). I mean, nobody seems to see what they do in players.
  61. Beasely
    Beasely is great from the slot, and he puts up enough most weeks to be an okay flex option.
  62. J. Reynolds
    Reynolds stock took a hit when the Titans signed Julio. He may see some opportunities though.
  63. D. Harris
    Harris will be heavily utilized in this new Saints offense. I only have him ranked so low because he is one of the better-kept secrets at the position.
  64. Callaway
    Callaway is the de facto WR1 for the Saints while Thomas is out, which means he’ll have tougher man-to-man matchups while also being a frequent target.
  65. Bateman
    At first, I hated Bateman- I didn’t think he had the game speed to be successful in the NFL. I may be wrong about that. However, he is on a questionable fantasy-football offense and he likely won’t be the top option at the WR position.
  66. M. Jones
    Another Jacksonville WR that may see some opportunities.
  67. B. Cooks
    Cooks is great. The Texans should be downgraded to division 1 football though.
  68. E. Moore
    Moore has talent and quickly built chemistry with Wilson. This offensive line is built to be run-first, but he may be an interesting guy to stack on your bench.
  69. M. Williams
    Williams always had the talent to be great. If they decide to use him for more than just stretching the field, he can make some plays.