RB Rankings

  1. CMC
    As long as he’s healthy, he’s just simply the best RB in the NFL.
  2. Cook
    The Vikings offense runs through Cook- he keeps the heat all the way up.
  3. Saquan
    Coming back healthy (by week 3, they say) into an offense that found its groove last year, Saquan is about to GO OFF.
  4. Kamara
    I am not sure how their offense will do with Winston at QB, but Kamara is Kamara is Kamara.
  5. Henry
    Henry is only ranked so low because he can be inconsistent and he doesn’t really catch the ball. Of course, he is still dominant enough to rank #5 on this list. Even higher if you don’t play in a PPR.
  6. Chubb
    There’s really no explanation needed here. He has all the talent and gets ample opportunity. Even with Hunt getting some touches, he is a top 6 fantasy RB.
  7. Jones
    Jones is definitely an RB1, but he too struggles with consistent dominance. I think he is good enough to fill this 7 spot though.
  8. Taylor
    Taylor showed what he can do last year, but we also know the Colts like using various RB’s. Particularly, Hines will have a few weeks in which he is the top fantasy back for this team.
  9. Zeke
    I don’t love Zeke, but he is said to be looking very good in the offseason. They also got healthy on their o-line, which should help him out. I do expect Pollard to take some touches from him though.
  10. Gibson
    This team is all set to go, and Gibson should have a fun year.
  11. Sanders
    Their o-line is still choppy, but with Hurts at the helm, Sanders should have many opportunities to showcase his talent.
  12. Carson
    An injury-prone back, yes, but he can do it all when he is healthy. It could definitely be worth taking his as your RB2- just make sure to get some depth at the position.
  13. Mixon
    Another injury-prone back in a high-powered passing offense, Mixon shouldn’t be your RB1. He’s a great option at RB2 though.
  14. Swift
    Swift is going to play behind a great o-line and be a feature of this offense (along with Hockenson), allowing him to put up great numbers. I would put him a lot higher on this list, but his ADP has him way below this ranking. Take him ‘early’ and be happy. He’s a fantastic RB2.
  15. Hunt
    Though not an RB1 in the NFL, he has more fantasy value than many RB1’s. He always ends up being a top 20 back.
  16. Ekeler
    I’m not sold on Ekeler’s talent, but he is an RB1 that can catch the ball. Also, they really improved their o-line this offseason.
  17. Montgomery
    The Bears should utilize play action and downfield running, and that is Montgomery all day. The down side- Cohen and Williams are pass-catching backs and their o-line still needs some work.
  18. Davis
    Davis did a fantastic job filling in for CMC last year and he now will be the feature-back in Atlanta. Their offense relies upon the run game, meaning Davis will get enough touches to put up great numbers. I originally had Davis in my top 10, and I think his numbers will support that (accounting for injuries). He just isn’t being drafted until super-late.
  19. Mostert
    I’m not sure if he can stay healthy, but with Lance as the QB this offense will require a dominant back. Mostert is that guy. Worth a flyer at your RB2 spot if you are willing to draft a little depth at the position.
  20. Robinson
    With Ettiene gone, Robinson will get enough opportunity to build on his rookie performance.
  21. N. Harris
    I like Harris- I don’t like his team situation. They have a depleted o-line and a regressing quarterback. The Steelers will likely struggle this year, meaning Harris is likely to have a tough time. He is on the cusp of being an RB2.
  22. Edwards
    This spot is barely lower than the one recently vacated by JK Dobbins, and it is a rare scenario that this can be said for someone’s backup. However, this is a fair fit for Gus. He is a downfield runner that has some shifty moves and is part of a run-first offense, and he should have a lot of fun running from the Pistol. A great RB3 option.
  23. Jacobs
    This is a confusing one. Jacobs is talented, but his output can be touchdown dependent. Also, to keep him healthy, sometimes they keep his touches down (even in the redzone). So that is something to keep an eye on.
  24. CEH
    Clyde is talented and their o-line is rebuilt, but it’s the chiefs. Some games will have him showing big numbers, others not so much.
  25. Fournette
    Fournette is an interesting one- he should lead the backfield but Jones does get touches which he capitalizes on. Also, this passing attack is loaded. A benefit to Fournette is that the Buccs defense should result in a lot of running at the end of games.
  26. Henderson
    Henderson has a fun running style, and with Akers going down, he’s the number 1 RB for the Rams. He has some injury concerns, but man can he show out.
  27. Gaskin
    Gaskin was injured most of last year, but if he starts this year, he should get a good amount of opportunities from behind Tua. I have heard that the Dolphins are eyeing a committee though.
  28. Edmonds
    It seems that Edmonds has earned the starting job in Arizona- I don’t see him having the upside beyond a “start in a pinch” bench player.
  29. Williams
    Williams is a beast that may split carries with Gordon at the start with the potential to take the lead job down the stretch.
  30. Gordon
    Gordon is talented but Javonte is a beast. I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams takes the starting role by the end of the season.
  31. R. Jones
    As was mentioned above, Fournette should lead the backfield, but Jones should get opportunities that he will capitalize on.
  32. M. Carter
    Carter is a talented back that may start the year splitting carries with Coleman and Johnson, but things may change in his favor as time goes on.
  33. Hines
    Hines can catch the ball out of the backfield, and sometimes that is dominant in the gameplan. It’s good to have him on your bench.
  34. Connor
    Another backup RB, but he may win the starting role. Either way, he could get some touches.
  35. Singletary
    I’m not sure which RB is going to start in Buffalo- the truth is, it won’t matter who it is. Both will get an almost equivalent, yet barely fantasy-relevant, amount of touches. Look for the matchups here.
  36. Moss
    He’s the other RB in Buffalo.
  37. D. Harris
    The Patriots are a tough team to crack for fantasy, but if Harris is a talented back that should do well.
  38. Coleman
    Coleman came over with Soleh and seems to be slated to the starter, but Michael Carter should take more and more reps as time goes on.
  39. L. Murray
    Murray gets some touches as the power back in NO, making him an interesting depth fantasy pick- especially this year.
  40. Rashaad Penny
    When Carson goes down, he’ll be ready. Until he gets injured. (Then look for Alex Collins?)
  41. McKissick
    McKissick catches the ball well and can make some stuff happen. But he’s behind Gibson and Samuel (a utility player). He’s a good RB4 on your roster.
  42. Pollard
    Pollard is just an interesting pick, and if Zeke goes down, we already know he can perform.
  43. Drake
    I don’t think Drake will start, but he may get some touches and is good enough to take over should Jacobs get injured.
  44. Cohen
    We’ll see how Cohen does coming back from his injury, but he is an athlete.
  45. Hasty
    Hasty showed some talent last year, so if Mostert goes down or the Niners go with a rotation my bet is on Hasty being the back to benefit.
  46. Lindsay
    The Texans will be the worst team in the league, but Lindsay has talent- enough to likely be the RB1 for them. Maybe an RB5 for you though.
  47. Perine
    Perine showed a little something last year, helping the Bengals be comfortable with him as their RB2. Not startable on a regular week, his touch count could go way up should Mixon get injured again.
  48. Dillon
    AJ Dillon is a bigger guy that the Packers will likely use sparingly. However, they are comfortable enough with him to let Williams go, meaning that he could get varying amounts of touches and could fill out your roster if it comes to it.
  49. Jam. Williams
    The Lions picked up this big back after the Packers let him go, and he could have an interesting role here behind their dominant offensive line and Deandre Swift.
  50. D. Booker
    Booker is the RB2 for the Giants, and if Saquan misses time, he could put up decent numbers for them.
  51. B. Scott
    Scott could get some touches in Philly even if Sanders stays healthy. He’s small, but he is shifty and talented.
  52. X. Jones
    Jones is the projected RB2 for the Rams after Aker went down, making him the last RB to make this list. Keep an eye on how MIchel moves on that depth chart though.