Kicker Rankings

  1. Tucker
    The best kicker in the league on a team that puts up a lot of points.
  2. Koo
    The Falcons offense is high-powered, so they should score on a lot of drives.
  3. Crosby
    Part of a talented Packers offense and a good kicker- nothing wrong here.
  4. Butker
    The Chiefs put up a lot of points, meaning his floor is above zero.
  5. McPherson
    I love the Bengals offense, and should the young guys struggle in the red zone, they’ll rely on FG’s.
  6. Sanders
    The Dolphins may struggle moving the ball, and should they find some success, perhaps they don’t find the redzone or endzone.
  7. Gay
    I love this Rams offense being run by Stafford.
  8. Myers
    The Seahawks offense will be more efficient this year behind their new OC, meaning Myers has a good floor and may see a couple field goals per game.
  9. Hopkins
    The WFT is a terrific team that should give their Kicker ample opportunity.
  10. Carlson
    I’m not sure if the Raiders redzone offense will be that efficient, but I think they will be able to move the ball.

If you don’t have one of the Kickers listed above, just stream based on matchups.